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About Us

ELS Hospitality Training Center Limited is a hospitality college that started in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was motivated by the need to provide our learners with sustainable yet unwavering quality hospitality education even in the wake of a pandemic. Our passionate goal is to ensure that our learners acquire practical knowledge and skills in their choice of hotel industry field within our flexible, blended learning models.

Why study at ELS?



Meet our Team



ELS Hospitality Training Center Limited prides itself in a team of hospitality professionals who will instill knowledge with passion for excellence in customer service and opportunity for your career start and/or career growth.

What Students Say



Fantastic! Great instructors!

They taught me the value of time management & kitchen discipline. The energy, teamwork & creativity practised on a day to day basis increased my capacity as a chef.



Surpassed all my expectations

The institute surpassed all my expectations by molding me into a responsible, Confident & Young Professional that is marketable and can work anywhere around the Globe.


Pastry Chef