Front Office Career Advice

Front Office personnel are the staff of the hotel who directly deals with guests. Personnel working in the front office department needs very special qualities. Sometimes the image of the hotel depends upon his/her personal qualities. He /She has to work as a salesman, Problem solver, and coordinator.

What’s the Role of a Front Office Hotel Personnel?

  1. Reservations of guests
  2. Check-in and registration of guests
  3. Mail and Information
  4. Uniformed service (concierge and baggage handling
  5. Telephone calls and messages
  6. Handling guest accounts
  7. Check -out and bill settlement

Skills all   Front Office Personnel Must Have:


Being the nerve center   of the hotel, the front office is constantly in touch with guests, and therefore they invariably come under immense pressure. The guests always expect personalized service.

  1. Diplomacy

Often there are situations when a guest irate over something or the other. A diplomatic dealing helps in diffusing the explosive movement.

  1. Retention Ability

A repeat guest will certainly expect that his/her name is remembered. Instead, if a guest is addresses with the wrong name or wrong pronunciation of his name, s/he may feel ignored /insulted. Therefore, it is essential that the front office representatives remember the names of repeat guests by their names. This positively adds to the guest experience.

4.Problem Solver

In hotel, there comes many kinds of guest with different habits and attitudes. Hotels have to deal with them and front office is the point where staff and guests contact directly with each other. So, office personnel should be able to solve any problem that may crises in the hotel being diplomatic and resourceful.

5.Personal Grooming

Personal grooming can be achieved by being one’s best self. One should always remember that one’s last glance in the mirror is the guest’s first glance. Golden rules for proper grooming:

-Uniforms must be clean, crisp and neatly ironed

-Hair should be short and properly set to give a soothing style

-Nails should be manicured

-Shoes should be well polished

-Soft cologne should be used instead of strong perfume

-It is preferable for ladies to tie- up their hair to form a bun and wear low-heeled shoes

-Excessive jeweler among ladies should be restricted.


Coordination between the guest and the hotel as well as coordination with other outlets to provide better services to the guests important for front office personnel.


Guests always prefer to be handled by a cheerful staff at the front desk. A pleasant smile communicates and inspires congeniality, respect and comfort.

8.Good Manners

Hotels comprises of guests from different status and background. They are used to good manners and politeness. Wishing the guests, the time of the day, saying “Thank you and anticipating the guest needs are basic etiquettes shown.

9.Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is the practice of keeping oneself neat and tidy neat at all times. A clean and tidy appearance helps to project a good image, not only for oneself but of the hotel as well. Required personal hygiene can be achieved by adhering the following:

Taking bath daily

-Changing the undergarments after every bath

-Taking proper dental care

-Using proper body deodorant

-Washing hands after using the toilet/chemicals, smoking etc.

-Reporting any sickness to the concerned authority.


Where do Front Office graduates Work?

Hotels-Lodges, resorts and City Hotels, Hospitals

Call Center for online companies-I . e. Jumia, Glovo, Safaricom

Customer service agent for any corporate company


Which is the right course for this career?

Diploma in Reception Service

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