Guest Preferences Today

The ability to meet the needs of hospitality customers is crucial in today’s competitive environment, and hotels and restaurants must keep abreast of consumers’ changing preferences and the latest demographic trends. Millennials (Generation Y) are now the leading number of guests to our hotels. Hotels have been willing to take drastic steps to attract them-including redesigning their lobbies to offer both work and social spaces and developing properties and brands specifically designed for millennial business and leisure travelers. Customer today have the following characteristics:


They often use the internet to assist in their selection of hotels and restaurants. They also want to remain connected, so they expect Internet access and Wi fi (at low or no cost) at their destinations’. Tech-savvy guests are also likely to use social media to share their experiences at hotels or destination cities, both through photographs and posts and blogs

2. Time -Conscious

They see time as a precious commodity as they lead increasingly busy lives. For this reason, brands are important to them, because they represent convenience and predictable Products.


They want accurate information and are less tolerant of delays. In addition, today’s travelers are sophisticated and discriminating-they expect personalized service and quality amenities.

4.More Health -conscious

They expect fitness facilities, no smoking guestrooms, and healthy food options (Some guests expect nutritional information on menus). The growing number of health-conscious travelers has led some hotels to create elaborate spa facilities and wellness packages: some chains have even developed new brands of hotels devoted to this market.

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