Top Soft Skills-A chef must have a passion for food, be self-motivated and be self-driven and self-disciplined. They must also possess natural curiosity, a willingness to learn and must be an open-minded person.

Top Hard Skill-A well-rounded chef has to have good in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the profession, French culinary techniques, complex cooking skills, basic patisserie and bakery skills, knife skills such as butchering and fish filleting.

A chef must have good people management skills. To get the best out of their team, a chef has to be able to understand and manage them well. An understanding of business financial is also fundamental, regardless of how talented a cook is. If the restaurant struggles to make profit, at the end of the month, then in reality, it will not last long. Hence, managing the food cost and labor cost well is important,

At ELS Hospitality Training Center, we cover all these aspects of the Program. Our students learn the culinary demonstration, food cost control, team management and running a profitable hospitality business.

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