Waiter/Waitress Qualities

What’s the Role of a Waiter/Waitress in a Restaurant/Hotel?

  1. Seating customers at tables
  2. Taking their orders
  3. Delivering food and beverages to their tables
  4. Checking in on the dining experience to ensure guests are comfortable and have everything they need
  5. Taking payment at the end of the meal
  6. In high-end restaurants, waiters may also be required to make menu and wine recommendations and inform customers about each item.
  7. Preparation of coffee and tea

6 Skills All Top Restaurant Waiters / Waitresses Must Have:

  1. Conflict Resolution Skills

A high-quality waiter/waitress has the skills to diffuse heated scenarios and remain calm and composed even when a customer takes a more hostile tone. Often, this involves apologizing for whatever mistake you/the restaurant has made and proposing suggestions to remedy the situation in line with its policies.

  1. Multi-Tasking in a Fast-Paced Environment

A top waiter can keep track of their diner’s requests and fulfil them in a sensible order to ensure everyone’s kept as happy as possible. Often, this involves hurrying from one task to the next without a moment to think. Time Management is essential skill.                                                                                                               3. Teamwork Skills

Working with other waiters and kitchen staff is crucial for ensuring a seamless workflow.  You’ll also have to take instructions from the kitchen and communicate with them in turn. 

All in all, being a respectful, capable, and pleasant coworker is vital if you want to excel as a waiter or waitress. 

  1. A Good Memory

Aside from remembering your diner’s wishes, you’ll also be required to recall lots of menu items. Customers often have questions about food and beverages, specifically their flavors, ingredients, and allergens. 

  1. High-Energy – A Glowing Personality

You can do certain things to create a good impression on diners. For instance, smiling, making eye contact, going the extra mile to help, demonstrating good intercultural competence.

You also need to exude enthusiasm and bring energy to the table.

  1. Quick Decision Making

As someone who’s in the front of the house, you’ll have to make quick and effective decisions. This could pertain to risk management or deciding on the appropriate cause of action when a menu item runs out, or the chef can’t meet a specific request for some reason. Top waiters and waitress’s quick decision-making is an absolute must.

Where do Waiter/Waitress Work?

Restaurants-Fast Casual & Fine Dining, Members Clubs

Hotels-Lodges, resorts and City Hotels, Hospitals

Which is the right course for a waiter/waitress?

Diploma in Food & Beverage Service

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